How To Eliminate Binge Hiring and Firing is about keeping your staff and your company unharmed during bad economic times, and perpetuating during good economic times. It is about (1) having the correct staffing levels in each department to complete the required (daily, seasonal, and promotional) work; (2) having a vibrant staff attitude (entry level through C-level) with an all-inclusive company culture; and (3) having unified inter and intra relationships with suppliers, departments, and customers. How To Eliminate Binge Hiring and Firing is a self-teaching, self-paced textbook. The book’s lessons include workflow analysis and design; job description design; work distribution design; organization design; premise design; relocation design; work measurement; staff forecasting; operating index efficiency; motivation, incentive and compensation design; statistical process design; and continuous process improvement. The lessons are designed to: work on existing company software (PC, MAC, or LINUX); eliminate outside contractor assistance; and ensure the benefits from change will dwarf the costs of change. How To Eliminate Binge Hiring and Firing will eliminate binge hiring and firing, and foster growth.


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